UPPAbaby Alta Booster Car Seats

The UPPAbaby® ATLA® Booster Car Seat

When your child is ready to almost sit in the car without any type of car seat but too big for a toddler car seat, the UPPAbaby ALTA provides a great option with their highback booster seat. Understanding that children are people, too, UPPAbaby has gone the distance to make a spacious, comfortable car seat that older kids will love. The dual arm rests, the “grow with you” qualities, the removable cup/water-bottle holder, and the extra padding are truly comfortable and convenient options for kids. 

The ALTA, while respecting the wants and desires of older children, doesn’t forget what makes a good car seat a good car seat to begin with. The seat comes with side-impact protection, a SecureFit belt routing system, rigid LATCH connectors, and all of the safety features you’d expect from UPPAbaby. 

Why Parents Target the UPPAbaby ATLA Booster Car Seat

The ALTA car seat is designed for children up to 10 years of age/100 pounds, so right away parents know that when they’re shopping for a booster seat for their 40-pound 5-year-old, their investment will last a long time. This provides considerable peace-of-mind (because how many times does one want to buy more car seats once your child is over 5 years of age?), but what makes it even better is that this is a very comfortable car seat that kids enjoy. 

Additionally, the ALTA still keeps the important features that you’ve loved about the infant and convertible car seats, such as removable/washable fabrics, the EPP foam for added comfort, and side-impact protection pods to absorb the impact during an accident. It fits the phrase “kid-tested, parent-approved” quite well.

UPPAbaby ALTA Car Seat Safety

UPPAbaby products meet the most stringent industry standards required by the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Why We Stand Behind the UPPAbaby G-LITE Umbrella Stroller

The ALTA booster car seat from UPPAbaby continues their great reputation of high-quality baby gear that’s not only safe and durable, but very well designed and fashion-forward. When it comes to highback booster car seats, older kids tend to have strong opinions (compared to babies who will allow you to strap them into any car seat). To this end, UPPAbaby does a great job of making the car seat so comfortable and spacious that kids love it. 

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