UPPAbaby G-Link Strollers

The UPPAbaby® G-LINK® Umbrella Twin Stroller

The UPPAbaby G-LINK stroller comes with an independent infant support system, so it’s ideal for a quick and easy stroller option for your newborns straight out of the hospital. Its large canopies, independent reclining seats, and high-quality fabrics make this a perfect companion for a day about town. The four-wheel system (vs. six) makes this stroller an easy-to-maneuver option that parents will love. The stroller weighs just north of 20 pounds and is ready to travel anytime you are ready to go.

Why Parents Target the UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller

Not only is this Disney-park friendly, it’s a great way to transport two kids (twins or siblings) with a lightweight-style stroller built for two. It carries the UPPAbaby name, so parents know that there’s tremendous quality with style here. The G-LINK is modeled after the much-loved G-LUXE luxury umbrella stroller, and borrows features from full-sized strollers, such as its deep reclining seats and five-point harness. 

UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller Safety

UPPAbaby products meet the most stringent industry standards required by the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Why We Stand Behind the UPPAbaby G-LITE Umbrella Stroller

Beyond that fact that we’re talking about UPPAbaby, a brand well-known for quality-built strollers that continually deliver on their promises, the G-LITE is notably easier to use than other twin strollers on the market, lightweight and full-size. That ease-of-use goes a long way in the day-to-day operation of getting into the car, getting out of the car, getting into a taxi, catching a plane, stopping to run into a local shop, and then visiting the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. For that reason and the idea that this model looks sharp and is built to last means that this is one of our favorite double lightweight strollers on the market.

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