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The Best Baby Nursery Storage Products

When it comes to your nursery, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it will fill up with toys, clothes, socks, diapers, books, and other odds and ends. Especially if this baby is your first child, you’ll quickly see how many of your friends and family will be glad to buy new clothes and toys for your newborn. When the smoke clears, you’re going to need places to keep all of these new items. That’s where storage bins, toy boxes, and more come into place, and we have some great selections here at Albee Baby to help you solve your storage challenges in style. 


How to Choose Your Nursery Storage 

The decision here is entirely up to you, but it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to storage, or else you will be dedicating another section of your home, attic, or basement to the extra baby gear you’ll be getting. And as with most things, being prepared ahead of time is much better than trying to solve a problem later on. 


Our Favorite Nursery Storage Items

  • We really like the Lucy Darling Closet Dividers. When you end up with a multitude of outfits, keeping them sorted by size (month) makes grabbing an additional outfit before running out of the house super easy. Organizing by size like this also helps you to realize what clothes you can donate or put into storage for your next baby. 
  • The Nursery Works Tree Bookcase is an eye-catching bookcase that holds over 100 books. If you ever wanted to create a “wow” moment with your nursery.
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